TON and NPI Settings for SMPP and UCP/EMI

One of the most confusing issues involved in setting up an SMSC connection is when your SMS service provider requires specific TON (type of number) and NPI (numbering plan identification) values. In the majority of cases, you can ignore any requirements that your provider has for these settings, because NowSMS uses intelligent default values. For SMPP environments, these are the rules that NowSMS...

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SMS Retry Error Handling with UCP/EMI and CIMD

There’s a great post that discusses how NowSMS handles message retries in SMPP environments at the following link: http://www.nowsms.com/smpp-error-code-handling-in-nowsms However, to date, there hasn’t been anything written that goes into as much detail regarding how NowSMS handles message retries in UCP/EMI or CIMD2 environments. The short answer is that, by default, if NowSMS...

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