Sending MMS Messages with NowSMS

Once you have succesfully configured NowSMS so that it is possible to send MMS messages via the web interface, you may want to explore APIs for sending MMS messages programmatically. The NowSMS APIs for sending MMS messages are based upon either the HTTP or SMTP protocols. However, before we go into details about these protocols, there may be an easy way to interface with NowSMS without learning...

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MMSC MM4 Interconnection Basics

MM4 is the standard protocol that is defined for connecting together two or more MMSCs. MM4 is an SMTP based protocol, meaning that the MM4 protocol defines how MMS messages are encapsulated for delivery over the SMTP protocol. In NowSMS, to define an MM4 interconnection, it is necessary to define two components. The outbound connection to the other MMSC is defined under “MMSC...

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MMS Message-ID Length problems with some handsets and/or MM4

We received a report from a customer that was experiencing a problem where some Nokia handsets would restart themselves after sending an MMS message. The MMS message would be sent ok, but the sending handset would restart after a confirmation is displayed that the MMS message had been sent. This problem was caused because the length of the MMS message-id generated by the NowSMS MMSC was longer...

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