Now Wireless is a leading supplier of MMS, SMS and WAP server products to the mobile wireless industry, with the Now SMS & MMS Gateway server product powering SMS and MMS applications for over 3000 customer installations in more than 125 countries on six continents and dozens of island territories in between.

The Now SMS & MMS Gateway server is an extremely powerful and multi-functional content delivery solution for SMS and MMS messaging.

NowSMS includes a powerful Multimedia Messaging Centre (MMSC) server which further expands the MMS capabilities of the Now SMS & MMS Gateway.

NowSMS is a scalable solution that is affordable for development, testing, with scalability to support full production mobile operator systems.

The NowSMS MMSC has the capability to support person-to-person (phone-to-phone) MMS messaging, as well as application-to-person and person-to-application MMS messaging.

The NowSMS MMSC supports standard MMS protocols published by the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA), 3GPP and 3GPP2, including the MMS Encapsulation, MM1, MM3, MM4 and MM7 protocols.

Over 30 mobile operators are using the NowSMS MMSC as the primary enabler for multimedia messaging services on their networks, and actively utilizing the MM4 protocol to connect their MMSC to other mobile operator networks.

Thanks to the flexibility and wide protocol support offered by the NowSMS MMSC, many other mobile operators use NowSMS for enabling specific applications and services.  For more information, please see these Examples of How Customers Use NowSMS.

NowWAP Gateway

The NowWAP Gateway (or Proxy) is a powerful WAP Gateway for Browsing and Multimedia Messaging.

NowWAP is a WAP Gateway that is designed to meet the needs of WAP 2 and Multimedia applications, especially MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) and Java downloads.

Key Features:

  • Supports WAP 2 clients using either Wireless Profiled HTTP/TCP (W-HTTP and W-TCP), or the WSP protocol stack.
  • Supports segmentation and re-assembly (SAR) to provide support for larger object delivery to MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) clients.
  • Acts as an HTTP proxy to provide speed enhancements for web browsing via a PC over a GPRS modem or other wireless connection.
  • Provides full WAP gateway support for WAP v1.1, v1.2, v1.2.1, v1.3 and v2 WAP clients.
  • Interfaces with Radius Accounting for automatic user identification by MSISDN.
  • The NowWAP Proxy is available in both standard and secure (WTLS) versions.
  • To implement WAP Push and MMS services in conjunction with the NowWAP Proxy, we recommend the use of the Now SMS & MMS Gateway. The Now SMS & MMS Gateway includes a WAP Push Proxy Gateway (PPG) and an Multimedia Messaging Service Centre (MMSC) which compliments the services provided by the NowWAP Proxy.

For more information on the NowWAP Gateway, please visit

NowSMS Lite

The NowSMS Lite Edition is a simplified, lightweight version of the Now SMS & MMS Gateway, designed to send and receive SMS and MMS messages using a single GSM (GRPS/EDGE/3G) modem.

The NowSMS Lite Edition allows clients to submit SMS messages to NowSMS for delivery via the GSM modem, using either the HTTP or SMPP protocols. NowSMS Lite also provides examples for submitting SMS messages from Java, PHP and a command line interface.

Received SMS messages can be routed to an application program using either HTTP, SMPP, or a command-line interface.

The NowSMS Lite Edition allows clients to submit MMS messages for delivery via the GSM modem, using either a proprietary HTTP interface that supports both HTTP GET and POST operations, or using the MM7 protocol. MM7 is a SOAP/XML based protocol that operates over HTTP POST. Additionally, NowSMS Lite provides examples for submitting MMS messages from Java, PHP and a command line interface.

Received MMS messages can be routed from NowSMS Lite to an application program using either MM7, an HTTP interface optimised for PHP, or via a file/directory based interface.

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