Introducing NowSMS 2009
and NowSMS Lite
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Looking Back, Looking Forward
Introducing NowSMS 2009
Introducing NowSMS Lite
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Looking Back, Looking Forward
Since the Now SMS/MMS Gateway was introduced in 2002, it has consistently been the product of choice of technically oriented users.
With thousands of installations across six continents and more island nations that we realised existed, you'd think we had a large marketing budget.
But the truth of the matter is that your marketing guys have never heard of us.  We don't waste our money on marketing.  We believe the best way for customers to determine if NowSMS fits their needs is to allow them to download a free trial version of the product, and try it for themselves.  We back it up with quality technical support and a vast knowledgebase of technical information available on our web site.
Since the beginning, we've focused on two things -- flexibility and performance.
Flexibility means supporting the largest array of SMS and MMS protocols, and providing extreme flexibility for different configuration requirements ... supporting both well-defined industry standards, and real world variations and quirks that make you realise how incomplete some of the standards are.
You'll find NowSMS running as a primary operator MMSC at over 40 mobile operators.  And you'll find NowSMS aggregating SMS traffic at hundreds of messages per second.  You'll also find NowSMS in testing lab environments, where handset vendors can test out the latest protocols and experimental technologies.  You'll find NowSMS providing a crucial middleware component for production SMS and MMS services, and you'll also find it in the hands of developers that need an easy way to begin prototyping new services.
Performance means that while each new release adds new features, we don't fall victim to bloatware.  Core SMS and MMS functionality gets stronger with each release, and with each new release, we offer higher speed license configurations to support the growing volumes of SMS and MMS messaging traffic.
We're introducing NowSMS Lite because more people are using SMS and MMS messaging technology than ever.  Small and medium sized businesses want to deploy messaging solutions.  IT professionals are prototyping new applications.  NowSMS Lite is a solution that provides an outstanding value to these markets, and we love to introduce new users to our technology.
While NowSMS Lite is exciting for certain audiences, our passion remains with flexibility and performance.  The true power of NowSMS is its flexibility.  We're constantly amazed by the creativity of our end users, and we're constantly making interim updates to our product to meet these needs.
Dear Bryce,

NowMobile is proud to introduce the latest version of the Now SMS/MMS Gateway and MMSC, NowSMS 2009.  We'd like to take this opportunity to let you know what is new in NowSMS 2009.
And we'd also like to introduce you to the latest member of the NowSMS product family, NowSMS Lite.  Designed to work with a single GSM modem, NowSMS Lite is a new affordable entry level product to meet the needs of less demanding users.
Introducing NowSMS 2009
NowSMS 2009 is the fastest performance release of NowSMS to date.
While we've added considerable new functionality, we've successfully avoided the bloatware trap.
Effective immediately, licenses supporting up to 400 messages per second are available.
We've also greatly improved the performance of accouting callbacks for advanced configurations.
Multimedia Content Push offers new ways to deliver multimedia content using SMS and WAP/Web technologies without paying the high prices of MMS.
Improved MM4 and MM7 performance supports keep-alive sockets and multiple concurrent sessions for improved throughput.
Real world compatibility updates to deal with interoperability issues that aren't necessarily covered by the standards, including non-standard MM7 implementations from major vendors and quirky MM4 implementations.
Download the new release here:
Read more about NowSMS in the release notes:
Read more about NowSMS in the latest edition of the product manual:
Introducing NowSMS Lite
The Now SMS/MMS Gateway is one of the most widely used middleware software solutions for SMS, MMS and WAP Push messaging needs.  When asked to explain it, we often refer to it as a Swiss Army Knife of mobile messaging protocols.
Since it's introduction in 2002, we've consistently updated NowSMS to support the widest variety of SMS and MMS protocols, following both the latest industry standards, and the real world variations that make you realise how incomplete the standards are.
We're proud to talk about how well the NowSMS product scales from entry level test-lab configurations to production mobile operator environments.
However, with all of the flexibility of the NowSMS product comes a lot of complexity.  That complexity is great for the core technical audience of NowSMS, but it is overwhelming for those that are newer to SMS and MMS messaging technologies, or that have less demanding messaging needs.
The NowSMS Lite edition is designed to send and receive SMS and MMS messages using a single GSM (GRPS/EDGE/3G) modem.

The NowSMS Lite Edition allows clients to submit SMS messages to NowSMS for delivery via the GSM modem, using either the HTTP or SMPP protocols. NowSMS Lite also provides examples for submitting SMS messages from Java, PHP and a command line interface.

Received SMS messages can be routed to an application program using either HTTP, SMPP, or a command-line interface.

The NowSMS Lite Edition allows clients to submit MMS messages for delivery via the GSM modem, using either a proprietary HTTP interface that supports both HTTP GET and POST operations, or using the MM7 protocol. MM7 is a SOAP/XML based protocol that operates over HTTP POST. Additionally, NowSMS Lite provides examples for submitting MMS messages from Java, PHP and a command line interface.

Received MMS messages can be routed from NowSMS Lite to an application program using either MM7, an HTTP interface optimised for PHP, or via a file/directory based interface.

A free 30-day trial version of NowSMS Lite is available for download at
Read more about NowSMS Lite on the web at
As a special introductory offer, NowSMS Lite will be available for £195 (GBP) through September 30, 2009.
Thank you for your interest in NowSMS.

The Now SMS/MMS Team
UK Telephone : +44 1883 621100
NowSMS Lite Offer
NowSMS Lite is available now for an introductory price of only £195 (GBP).  If you're looking for a cost effective solution to send and/or receive SMS and MMS messages using a GSM/GPRS/EDGE/3G modem, place your order before September 30, 2009.
A free 30-day trial version of NowSMS Lite is available at
Offer Expires: September 30, 2009